Could The White Discharge Before Period Sign Of Pregnancy?

white discharge before period sign of pregnancy

Milky or white discharge before the period sign of pregnancy, typically around the duration of your missed menstrual periods, is quite often among the very first general early pregnancy signs. There are some other usual early pregnancy symptoms as well as signs include tiredness, nausea, and missing the menstrual period.

The white discharge before the period sign of pregnancy is noticed by most women. Milky and thick white discharge during a woman’s early pregnancy is typically called leucorrhea.

It exists because of varying and increasing levels of estrogen. The estrogen actually increases the blood flow to the pelvic area of a woman’s body that increases the mucus discharge.

So, this kind of vaginal discharge is just similar to what you typically notice as you ovulate. Also, the look of this discharge might be quite similar but its volume is basically larger.

Hence, throughout the pregnancy period, this’s very common and might also increase as pregnancy progresses. Towards the end of a pregnancy, there is a large amount of white discharge that might be passed with the bloody tinge. It is actually the mucus plug that releases from a woman’s cervix.

What the vaginal secretions signal ovulation?

The vaginal discharge could indicate ovulation as well. It leads up to the ovulation. The cervical mucus also becomes a bit rubbery in its texture and would actually stretch between 2 fingers.

It is typically called egg-white cervical mucus (EWCM). The sticky as well as thick nature of the fertile cervical mucus does hold onto the semen and assists the sperm travel quite safely through the woman’s vagina to the egg.

When is the abnormal vaginal discharge?

There’re times when the infections actually become a part of the pregnancy that includes vaginal yeast infections. Different signs of vaginal yeast infection are yellow or green vaginal discharge in the pregnancy period, foul and itching smell.

In case you do notice any type of change in the vaginal discharge during your pregnancy, you must notify your midwife or doctor. Do not take such matters lightly and also try to treat such infections with over some counter medicines unless especially suggested to do so by the OB/GYN.

Does vaginal discharge have to be treated?

First of all, you have to ensure that the white discharge which you observe is actually normal and the doctor is a good source for helping you with such a situation. Some discharge might have a bit fishy odor that is actually something concerning for pregnant women. In case the discharge is foul or fishy-smelling, it is best to have an examination.

Rinsing vaginal outside area, your labia could assist curb such scent that is associated with the vaginal discharge. So, at no point must the pregnant women use the douche in order to cleanse their vagina.

Moreover, wipes, as well as vaginal washes, quite often have perfumes that could irritate the sensitive pregnancy skin. Such treatments could also alter the pH of the vaginal area and vagina which could lead to breakouts and irritation.

If you notice the white discharge before a period sign of pregnancy then you can do a pregnancy home test.

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