When Do Babies Sleep Through The Night

Here we will guide you about when do babies sleep through the night which will be very helpful for you to get your baby ready for sleep.

hi I’m Dana welcome to this week’s video today I want to talk about the number one question that I get asked and it’s also the number one hardest question to answer and that is when can I expect my baby to sleep through the night and every time.

When Will my Baby Sleep Through the Night?

I see the question I go oh that’s a hard one to answer because I can’t give you an exact weight or in an exact age I wish that I could but there just really is no such thing there’s no magic number that you’d see on a scale that tells you it is okay so it’s a tough question to answer obviously we’re not expecting newborns to sleep through the night everyone knows that I’m sure even three or four month olds we might not be expecting them to sleep through the night yet my general rule of thumb is if you have a healthy happy no health concerns baby who is six months or older then the potential is there that they could be sleeping right through the night okay and now again are there exceptions to that rule sure but in general six months and up pretty high probability that they could sleep through the night if they had the skills to do so so I always say to people you’ve got to look at the scenario that gets a baby to sleep in the first place that is ground zero that’s where we’ve got to start and look at what are the ways in which your baby falls asleep does she fall asleep in your arms does she fall asleep when you bounce her does she fall asleep on the breast of the bottle does she fall asleep with a pasty in her mouth does she fall asleep in the car I mean there’s a lot of different ways babies fall asleep but if you look at that and you say yeah you know what I nurse her to sleep every night or I bottle feed her to sleep or I bounce her on the extra on the bouncy ball every night then that is a sleep prop that is your baby’s prop for getting to sleep the cue that tells her it’s time to make that journey into sleep and the problem with props is that they’re they’re not independent sleep skills their external sleep skills so when she has a naturally occurring wake up in the night which everyone has she won’t know how to get back to sleep without the help okay so two o’clock she has a natural occurring wake up your breast is not in her mouth any longer or the bottle is gone or the Pasi is missing or the bouncing is not happening she’s going to cry because she’s Tigard still and be she wants you to come in and help right makes sense so you go in recreate everything the got her to sleep in the first place and off she goes again until the next naturally occurring wake up so I just want to be clear here so people tell me all the time I see it all over Facebook babies are supposed to sleep through the night well yes and to know okay yes if there if it’s an appropriate age where they could be sleeping through the night and no because our nobody sleeps solidly through the night that’s a total misconception there’s no such thing we all have naturally-occurring wake ups sometimes you remember them sometimes you don’t a good night is where they’re so brief that you just slide right into a new cycle and that’s what I want to see happening to babies who are age-appropriate and ready to sleep through the night is that any little wake up they have in the night I got this I can handle this I don’t need any help from anyone else I’ve got my own skills I’ll do it myself Thanks and then you’re going to have a baby that’s sleeping through the night because it just means that they handled their wake up’s on their own so always look at that if you’re wondering is my baby ready how old are they how how’s their weight definitely things to consider a rule of thumb around weight is doubling of the birth of the birth weight is a good rule of thumb for weight so weights good age is good still five wake up tonight then look at the scenario the prop Association and that’s where you’re going to have to make your big changes okay so I hope that helps it’s a long answer to a difficult question but I hope it helps thanks for watching sleep well you.

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