Bleeding Or Spotting At 6 Weeks Pregnant: Should I Be Worried?

spotting at 6 weeks pregnant

It is normal to have spotted at 6 weeks pregnant. Roughly 20 percent of the women experience some spotting at 6 weeks pregnant. It does happen during the 1st trimester or first 3 months of the pregnancy.

In case this occurs to you then please do not get panic. It is likely that you are experiencing normal pregnancy along with simple spotting. As worry could stress you as well as your baby hence try to just relax and also consider the crucial facts regarding pregnancy.

When this is always suggested that pregnant women usually go to the obstetrician for some medical advice, pregnant women need to be well aware that there’re so many reasons for spotting at 6 weeks pregnant and most of them are generally nothing to be worried about.

When you need to Worry

In general, the spot is quite concerning while this is heavy (even more than the heaviest day of your regular menstruation period) and also accompanied by abdominal pain.

Dr. Mark Trolice is the director of the IVF Center that is in Winter Park, Florida. According to Dr., in the first 3 months, fifteen to twenty-five percent of the pregnancies could experience vaginal bleeding.

He also told that when any spotting is alarming then it is not linked with the miscarriage unless the heavy spotting occurs that ultimately results in almost a twenty-four percent risk of the baby loss.

Hence, you could also see a few causes of the heavy as well as light spotting below.

In case you suffering from extreme pain and are experiencing the heaviest bleeding then you must visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you need to take note of this spotting (that is its amount, color, duration, and frequency), and some other signs which accompany this so you could allow your doctor or your midwife to know about this condition.

What Must You Do In Case You are Spotting? Is This a Miscarriage?

Dr. Trolice also told me that just some obstetrical ultrasound could provide you assurance on the viability of your pregnancy.

Whereas there is not any kind of restrictions regarding the activity, we also recommend avoiding the intercourse while spotting in order to decrease the greater risk of your potential intrauterine infection as the bleeding might result in your cervix dilating.

Hence, you must alert your OB about any spotting during your pregnancy period and in case you are suffering from much pain as well as spotting heavily then you must visit a doctor as soon as possible.

What is the color of the spotting?

  • If the bleeding color is pink then you probably should not worry because it is not dangerous.
  • In case the spotting color is brown then it is some old blood. Hence, it is good to call the doctor immediately and stop worrying about this.
  • If the spotting color is red then you need to call your doctor as soon as possible. You have to get checked soon.

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