Short To Long Natural Dark Brown Hair With Highlights Around Face

dark brown hair with highlights

If you are wearing brunette hairs and want a new hairstyle, you have come to the right place. We have got six ways to rock dark brown hair with highlights. There are a lot of highlight shades for dark brown hairs. These shades range from gorgeous blondes to chocolate browns. Have a look and pick up one of your favorite.

Six Best Short To Long Natural Dark Brown Hair With Highlights Around Face

  1. Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for a Lob Cut:

When it comes to highlighting brown hairs, balayage shade comes first in mind. Partial balayage brightens up the hair in specific places instead of the entire hairs on the head. In this look, you will be featuring your dark brown hair at the top of the head. These hairs present a blending light brown look on the top and blonde look at the end of the strands.

  1. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights For Girls:

You can color your dark brown hairs with blonde highlights for a summer occasion.

Coloring your dark brown hairs with blonde highlights might be the perfect one for the summer season. It is a combination of brown and blonde that presents a warm tone. These highlights are perfect for the girls who want to give their hairs a lift up. You can wear this color or may alter according to your choice.

  1. Subtle Balayage Highlights On Dark Brown Hair:

Do you want to add shiny color to your hair? If yes, then this subtle balayage highlight is only for you. In this hairstyle, you will highlight your dark brown hairs with warm chocolate highlight shade. It will give a natural look to your hairs.

  1. Dark Brown Hair with Highlights:

Warm highlights shade is our next recommendation for dark brown hairs. Your dark hair will blend into some dark blonde and warm red tones. These highlights will look perfect of any length of the hairs. You can make a cute hairstyle by these dark brown warm highlights.

  1. Dark Blonde Highlights for Curly Hairs:

If you want to have a party wear look, you can have dark blonde highlights for on curly hairs. This subtle blonde will give you a perfect look to your overall personality. You can curl all of your hairs or the lower strands of your hairs. These highlights also work best with straight hair. Wear these highlights for your evening plan or any other night function.

  1. Dark Red Highlights:

Dark red highlights give a dramatic look. It looks best on the teenagers. You will highlight your dark brown hairs with dark red highlights shade known as cranberry wine. These red highlights present a stunning look and edgy lift to your hairs. Red highlights suit any kind of hair including thin, thick, short, long, wavy or straight hairs. This shade always gives a new style to every kind of hairs. Rock your dark brown hair with highlights in your way.

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