Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Instructions – Step By Step

clear blue pregnancy test instructions

As you know that every married woman wishes to a pregnant. So, she has to need a good product, which can help her to test the pregnancy. The clear blue rapid detection pregnancy test is a fast and accurate product. In this article, we help you to use the best way of clear blue pregnancy test instructions and products.

Because not more people didn’t know to use it. So, if you are also want to know how to use it. Then you remain with us until the end. Read the complete article and learn more about it. This pregnancy test can detect pregnancy five days prior due to the period.

Before using it, you have to need to follow all the instructions carefully. Because if you can’t follow all the instructions, then you can’t know about pregnancy. So, you can follow the manual steps and test them with your hand.

Hence, if you will follow step by step test Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Instructions then you will get true results. So, it is most important to maintain the sterility of the Clearblue pregnancy test HCG strip.

Clear Blue Instructions In Steps

You can follow all the steps and test your pregnancy at home. Hence, you have no need to call the doctor. Because with these manual steps you can know all about that.


You can perform this step in the morning time as the pregnancy hormone HCG. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It has the densest presence in urine during this time. The first step is that you can remove the cap from the tip.

Now you can hold the tip in the downward direction. Then dip it in your urine stream for around five seconds. If you have any difficulty, then collect the urine in a container and dip the tip into it. Make sure the container is clean and dry.


When you dip the absorbent tip in the urine, then the display window starts showing signs. Hence, the absorbent tip turns pink as the tip absorbs the urine. A symbol of the hourglass starts flashing on the display window at that time.

This shows that the test is working and analysis is taking place. This is the main step of the clear blue pregnancy test instructions.


It takes some time to analyze the results. So you have can wait for two minutes before reading the test. You have to wait until the glass symbol stops flashing.

As soon as the hourglass symbol stops flashing a blue line appears in the control window. Now you can read the results.


If the display window shows the plus sign with horizontal and vertical lines. It means the test is positive and you are pregnant. If a single horizontal line appears. It means the test is negative and you are not pregnant.

The result will count as positive even if the lines making the plus sign are not of the same color. It depicts the result of words as pregnant for a positive test or not pregnant for a negative result.

Some of the things you should keep in mind while performing a clear blue pregnancy test:

  • Try to take the test during the early morning, though you can do it at any time as you want. Taking the test early in the morning gives 99% accuracy.
  • The display window appears blank. Then after 10 minutes, you have to know that the test is unsuccessful. If the hourglass symbol does not appear. Then the test is not good and you can consider it incomplete. You can see the result in the next 24 hours. Because it will show in it just for one day.

These manual steps are just for you. Because you can follow them and get the benefit from it. It will help you more and more. Hence, these clear blue pregnancy test instructions are really helpful for you.

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