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Today, we are gonna share with you Leptoconnect Review of a customer shareing honestly what results has got. Must read.

Today we’re going to cover the leptoconnect. Weight loss supplement pill. Now, if you been searching for Leptoconnect reviews, you’re, probably looking to buy the product to help you lose weight.

If you look through some of the other videos on youtube, Let’s see that most of them are just stock pictures with some text in a robot voice or a stock lady talking about an ambiguous product that doesn’t even mention this product.

So i want to give you a real review on this leptoconnect and show you how you can actually lose weight uh without these pills, so we’re, starting with the landing page here. They’re on leptoconnect.com and they start with saying it’s, a fat blast, blaster brain molecule to help you lose weight, okay and they go on about cf, stored body, fat, blah blah blah and they’re saying it’s, lectin resistance! Well, if you have stored body fat, you’re, probably eating too many calories versus what you actually need to maintain your body weight.

It’s, pretty simple with that, and then they go on to talk about in this supplement. They have all these mushrooms and ancient ingredients in them, but they don’t actually give you the ingredients list that’s on the bottle or the dosages or anything like that, and then with the claims they’re making On here talking about maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, helping your body burn fat instead of storing it, they don’t even give you a reference.

There are zero references on this page. You can’t even view the studies where they got this information from and they should already be a red flag for you. If you’re looking to purchase something like this to help, you lose weight.

If we go further down, they start to talk about how they also add vitamins in there just to pump the product up a little more most of these things, you’re, going to find in your multivitamin anyway, and that’s, going To give you more benefit and then obviously the final touch here they’d like to talk about, is green tea and if you actually look at most ingredients on these, so called fat, burners or weight loss supplements here they add green tea because it’s perceived as being healthy, but also because of the caffeine content, and if you look at most fat burners, they’re loaded with caffeine and that’s, because caffeine in itself will help you lose weight.

It’s, going to help you expend more energy, and if you spend more energy, you’re, going to have in a calorie deficit and you can start to lose weight. So the thing is they don’t actually tell you again how much of anything is in there you don’t know how they’ve dosed.

This um, they’ve, gone to say that it’s safe and that it’s manufactured in fda, approved lab, but the supplement isn’t actually fda approved anyway. So i guess they’re. Just trying to say that it’s manufactured safely, which is fine, and they just go on to say that it’s powerful.

Yet they don’t. Have any studies backing this up at all and you don’t even know how it was dosed and then they go on to finish their sales here? Oh, you also get a free bonus, laptop colon cleanser and again you can’t cleanse or detox your body if, if your liver and your kidneys are working properly, that is your built-in cleansing detox system right there, and these pills here aren’t going to do the job that they’re, trying to say, but if you are looking to actually make some changes to lose weight and actually have some structure, i would recommend something like this: it’s, the custom, keto diet And i recommend this because it’s actually going to give you numbers and something to work off.

So if you go to this link, i’ll, leave a link in the description just fill in your name and email, and you get a free recipe book to get. You started once you click through there. You’ll, be taken to this page here now.

What i really like about this is you fill in your details and it’s, going to spit out the numbers and the plan. That is for you. So, for example, i’ll show you now. So i’m, a male daily activity level.

We’ll, say very active. Now you get to select the preference preferences you want in your in your meal plan. So maybe i want chicken and i want beef and i want fish click next now i want the vegetables that i want to be included.

Maybe i want broccoli, mushrooms and avocado any other food. You want in your diet that you really like, because you don’t, have to exclude things that you like. You can keep things in, that you really enjoy, and then.

Finally, this is the important bit here where you add your measurements. So i’m, going to put some numbers in here so but important to put the correct numbers in because these correct numbers help the actual program decide how many calories you should be taking as part of your meal plan.


So i’m. Just going to put in some numbers in here say my target weight say i want to lose weight. I want to be 80 kilos, so you’ll continue and just like that, it spits out approximately how many calories i should be eating every day, the amount of fat as per the keto diet, and that may look high.

If you’re, not familiar with the keto diet, but this is very normal. A keto diet removes carbohydrates so to make up the energy of your diet, you have to make it up in fats, your daily protein again your range and then your daily carbohydrates, which are very low.

It also gives you a little bmi and a daily water intake. Just to give you a guide with that and then just some testimonials through. So if you’re, if you’re, really looking to actually accelerate your weight loss actually get to the body and the goal you want to.


I promise you go through this. If you do this for one week, make sure you click forward to get your plan if you get, they have a one dollar trial. You can get it for seven days and i promise you in that seven days.

I promise you, you will be able to lose weight. If you follow your meal plan by the end of the week, you will have lost weight. You might not be at your goal weight because it takes time, but you will have lost to it and you would already started the process.

So i highly recommend this custom keto diet. The leptoconnect leave that one for now that one is not going to get you to where you want to go.

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